Escaped Tevinter Slave — Human — Warrior


Green eyes and blonde hair tied up loosely in the back and braided along the sides. Slightly angular face with a body structure that tells the tales of hardship and discipline. Usually sticks with functional armor rather than one for looks, and her heavy leather armor shows a little wear and tear.

Secretly and with much care, she hides a brand on her right wrist, which looks like two dragons circling a ring. Bandages and a bracer are all that stand in the way of the waves of Tevinter dragging her back to a life she continues to run from.

Slave Mark Gladiator Brand
Fleetfoot Ranger's Mail Divine Spark Ring of the Beast


Taken as a child from her clan, a nameless avvar child was forced to serve house Renatus, a stalwart Tevinter family with an estate nestled on a fertile cliffside and encircled by a solid stone wall. It is here that this child received a name that meant “valor” as she was soon prized to her strength by her Tevinter masters.

Valeria was put to work as soon as possible, from menial tasks to near back breaking work that threatened to tear her down. It was thanks to the guidance of an older avvar woman named Hemma, however, that Valeria continued to stay strong and grew to know a little bit about a people she couldn’t remember. Her thoughts were simple when it came to the day to day, “Fight through the day, do your tasks, take your punishments, then return to your tiny shared quarters with Hemma to hear tales of avvar warriors and the land that she came from.” Hardwork and the blood, sweat, and tears that went into it became a part of her life, one that she soon even came to cherish despite the harshness of the world around her.

After a few years though, the Renatus family began to enact stricter rules for their slaves and those that broke those rules no longer were punished out in the open. Instead they simply…disappeared whenever a man named Cato visited the estate. The disappearance of the forgetful Hemma though led to a long and sleepless night for Valeria, followed by a terrifying scene as she opened her door in the morning.

What else was there left for her to do but run from the monsters made by the cruel Cato, monsters that destroyed the Renatus family and destroyed all that Valeria had known for as long as she could remember. Running became a matter of life and death, fleeing unseen pursuers and escaping from fear by focusing only on survival and the weapon she stole from the armory of the estate before escaping out the southern wall.

Bumping into someone though…was not a part of her plans, and under normal circumstances she would have run. But something kept her rooted there, and a feeling of wanting to help made her stay hidden when a woman and a child happened upon a clearing in the forest. They too were being chased, and a confrontation occurred, but the man that presented himself and sought the child the woman had hidden nearby Valeria was none other than Cato.

Hired help surrounded the woman, and things started to look grim as the child started to make noise. Why then, under such dangerous circumstances did Valeria choose to give herself away, to try and fight only to be beaten down into the ground and seeing only death in her future.

And yet…there was flame, and the world turned to darkness and ash around her as she awoke to this strange sight. The woman was gone and the child as well, leaving Valeria to continue her journey with questions and confusion lingering in her mind. Maybe that was why she made such a bad error in judgement later on…it’s hard to tell, but the weakness of the mind and fear filling the soul can lead people to make deals they really ought not to make.

Nowadays, Valeria stays silent about her past, relying on her strength to speak for her so that others ignore the lack of information. With strong convictions about protecting women and children and a very strong dislike for Tevinter and slavery, Valeria goes about her days from job to job with various groups she works with for a time. But each group she works with seems temporary, and some have vanished from the city all together while she remains. Never wanting to stay in the same place for long, Valeria will do what she has to to keep her secrets and stay alive…even if it means making a deal with a monster.


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