At this time, the Tevinter Imperium holds power over almost all of Thedas.

But in the last 40 years they have been attacked from the inside. Strange creatures came out of the deep roads, and have brought with them destruction and mayhem. More and more Tevinter troops were called back from their stations outside the Imperium. Ferelden is glad about the reprieve, but no one so far south knows what’s actually going on. Even in Tevinter only a fraction of people know what is happening. Of course they have noticed the random attacks, increased military presence and barren land, but as of yet, no one has connected the dots and alarmed the population.

Ferelden, however, has been flourishing in the past decades, as the constant threat of Tevinter conquest has been pushed from their minds. A few cities remain under Tevinter control, but with the Imperium’s mind elsewhere, they have made peace with the Clayne surrounding them.

It is here that our heroes try to make a life for themselves, traveling through Ferelden, always ready for adventure…

First Blight

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