The Heartbreaker Gang are a band of adventurers headquartered in Raven’s Roost, which is owned by one of their members, Ser Valeria. The other members are Rhea, Sargis, Revas, and Borin. The group originally came together in Jader, working for the local Bann for a time before the city fell to darkspawn. They fled to Caer Darrow, where Rhea joined, and were gifted their current lands and titles from the Arl.

Some of their most notable deeds include slaying a black blaze dragon in Wutherford, repelling an enemy army from their own gates, defending against the darkspawn at Caer Bronach, and slaying a darkspawn broodmother in her own lair.

Valeria recently married former barmaid and current Steward, Arna. She also has two adopted sons, Drynne and Erik..

Revas’ clan is currently in the Brecilian, and his lovers Ardis and Oleo used to reside with him in Raven’s Glen. Recently, Ardis has left in the middle of the night after having been turned into a draak by one of the Heartbreaker Gang’s enemies.

Sargis is a member of the Order of Guardians, a known protector of the weak. Those who don’t call him Shieldbearer call him Sargis of the Golden Arm, owing to his outlandish but highly entertaining tales and the literal golden arm of his armour.

Borin is entangled with dwarven history, politics, and the recently orphaned priestess Velenna. He has left Raven’s Glen some time ago to train his animal companion Misha, but is expected to come back.

Finally, Rhea has recently married and had a child with Bann Nicola’s former Captain and a fallen member of Clayne nobility: Braedon. Sadly Braedon was killed in an attack on Raven’s Glen, and Rhea is now a widow.

The group’s immediate plans include attending the Landsmeet. They’ve arrived in Redcliffe and are looking forward to taking part in the arena and establishing themselves along the nobility. Longer-term plans involve dealing with the remaining Magisters Sidereal, and fighting their adversaries in the Liberatori.

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